What we’re loving: WELLNESS TOOLS

April 15, 2023

Wellness Tools & Products Used By Our Staff

We’ve had so many requests recently for items and tools our providers love to use, we thought we would list a few with links to them here. We will be listing a few wellness products or tools each month that we love and think you will too.


Sadhana Health is not affiliated with any of these brands in any way — we just love these products! We are not prescribing their use. Please purchase and/or use at your own discretion. Follow all manufacturer directions for use. If you are unsure if a product is safe for your personal use, please consult with your healthcare provider.

Foam Rollers

Foam RollerFoam rollers come in different densities (soft density, low density, medium density, high density). The white ones are the least dense and generally, the black ones are the densest. Some foam rollers have bumps or “knobs” on them that you can use for self-trigger point therapy.

  • Buy locally at Acology on Wilshire Blvd, here in Santa Monica.
  • There are also a wide variety of foam rollers available online at Amazon.

Tiger BallTiger Ball

Patient Recommended! A tiger ball is a round lightweight foam roller; excellent for hitting those tight hip flexor muscles.

The Tiger Ball is available for sale online at Amazon.

Trigger Point Massage Cane

Trigger Point Massage Canes

These tools are fantastic for providing targeted ischemic compression aka trigger point therapy; especially in those hard to reach areas. Thera Cane (the OG of these!) and Back Buddy are two great options along with many generic versions.

You can purchase trigger point massage canes locally at Acology on Wilshire Blvd, here in Santa Monica, or purchase online at Amazon.

Traction and Alignment Neck Pillow

Traction & Alignment Neck Pillow

You’ve heard us raving about this!  So many of you have asked where you can find our traction and alignment pillow that we wanted to include it in this list.

There are many similar versions of this bolster on the market. You can buy the same one that we use at the clinic right here on Amazon.