For Providers

If you are a physician, nurse practitioner, or physical therapist referring your patients to our clinic, the information provided below is meant to inform you about our practice.

PLEASE NOTE: Sadhana Health is NOT contracted with Medicare. This means that Medicare will NOT cover treatment rendered in our clinic. If your patient submits a claim to Medicare, they will be denied coverage.

Q : My patient would like to know if your practice takes insurance. Does Sadhana Health accept health insurance?

A : Sadhana Health is an Out-Of-Network provider. As such, we are NOT contracted with Medicare or private insurance. This allows us to provide more comprehensive care that is not constrained by insurance limitations. We will, however, provide a superbill upon request if your patient has a written referral for Physical Therapy. Please include the ICD-10 diagnosis code(s).

Q : Please tell me a little more about your practice; I want to be confident my patient will receive excellent care.

A : Sadhana Health’s co-owners Heather Sweeney, CMT and Dr. Cindy Leckington, DPT, have spent the past combined 22 years working in physical therapy and integrative medical settings including UCLA’s renown Center for East-West Medicine where Heather provided patient care, taught medical students, and lectured on the benefits of integrative medicine and manual therapy. Her experience working in an integrative medicine setting has greatly informed our approach to patient-centered care.

Cindy and Heather feel that a collaborative approach to patient care is essential to successful patient outcomes. Sadhana Health prioritizes communication between its team of providers and other physicians and professionals that are directly involved in a patient’s regular Health & Wellness plan.

75% of our patients are referred from physicians across a variety of specialties. These include but are not limited to: dentistry and oral & maxillofacial surgery, internal medicine and geriatrics, neurology, rheumatology, pain management, orthopedics/sports medicine, oncology, neurology, functional medicine, integrative medicine, and behavioral health.

Our location is ADA accessible with onsite parking available.