Patient Recommended: Find your balance!

December 2, 2023

Wellness Tools & Products Suggested by Our Patients

We get so many fantastic suggestions by our patients that we just have to share them with you!

A common theme we encounter when discussing health and lifestyle with our patients (as well as for ourselves) is what “tools” we can use to help manage our stress and anxiety while trying to find that work | life balance. We’ve talked about meditation, breathwork, movement, visual art, and music. All of these modalities have evidence-based research that illustrates their effectiveness in reducing cortisol (stress hormone), lowering heart rate, and improving quality of life. Even though we know that these can be helpful ways to reduce stress, it can still be hard to “get started”.

Recently, two smartphone apps were brought to our attention that are absolutely fantastic!

BALANCE is a great app for the beginner who is interested in learning how to meditate. There are meditations for work, sleep, anxiety, focus, breathwork, and more! You can try it for a year for FREE!

InsightTimer is another app which has tons of different resources available at the touch of your finger for individuals of all levels. Their focus is broken down into four main categories; Sleep, Mental Health, Productivity, and Spiritual Health. There are 18,000 different teachers from all over the world affiliated with InsightTimer. You can do yoga nidra, somatic breathwork, guided meditation, listen to inspiring talks, take a course, and so much more. This app is $60/year ($5.00/mo.).

We highly recommend checking out the smartphone apps above. We are loving them so far!