What we’re loving: Healthy Cooking Blogs

January 25, 2024

Food is medicine!

The conversation with many patients recently has turned to a “Food is medicine” theme. Here at Sadhana Health, we are firm believers in this mindset, and we often promote and anti-inflammatory diet which can help regulate our inflammatory response thus reducing pain. As many of our patients are seeking holistic non-pharmacological ways to reduce and manage pain, they are turning towards lifestyle changes they can make at home.

Through the years we have found many healthy recipe blogs that support different dietary needs. We thought we would share some of them with you.

101Cookbooks is beautiful food blog by Los Angeles based home cook and award-winning cookbook author Heidi Swanson. Her vegetarian and vegan recipes have been featured on Food52, Bon Appétit, and Food and Wine.

Oh, She Glows is another plant-based recipe site (and cookbooks too!) by Angela Liddon with many healthy balanced recipes.

The Whole30 is a Paleo diet resource that includes programs you can participate in as well as recipes. Whole30 has bee. suggested to quite a few of our patients who have needed a dramatic change in their food lifestyle.

The Big Man’s World is a favorite among some of our staff that eat low-carb and keto-based diets. Recipe developer and foodie Arman Liew shares his clean eating and low-carb recipes. We agree… his cheesecake recipe is fantastic!

Elana’s Pantry Created by Elana Amsterdam, her Keto and Paleo based food blog is a result of her own health journey as she has navigated diagnoses of Multiple Sclerosis, Celiac Disease, and BRCA mutation.

The Mediterranean Dish created by Suzy Karadsheh is fantastic recipe resource for those who follow a Mediterranean diet lifestyle. There is also a great FAQ for those who are new to this dietary lifestyle… click here and scroll down.

The Hungry Bites Another great Mediterranean recipe blog for those who follow a Mediterranean diet or are interested in trying one.

Melina Hammer | Catbird Cottage INCREDIBLE healthy and beautiful recipes from Melina Hammer’s Accord, New York Bed & Breakfast.

You are what you eat! Let us know what your next dish will be.