Are you sick: Sharing is NOT Caring!

July 3, 2023

Do you have a case of the sniffles?

In this case, sharing is NOT caring! Did you know that manual therapy and bodywork when you are sick can actually make you feel worse? Yep, it can! Some types of treatments illicit an immune response in the body and inflammation can occur. If your body is already fighting off an infection and inflammation, adding to that simply adds to the load your immune system is responding to. Certain treatments may aggravate symptoms like coughing or wheezing. If you have any respiratory congestion, some positions on the treatment table may be very uncomfortable and make your congestion worse.

Let’s also not forget that you are very likely contagious. What may be a minor inconvenience to you, may mean a hospital visit for someone else, including your therapist or trainer! Please keep in mind that other patients and even perhaps your healthcare provider may be an immunocompromised or immunosuppressed person.

At Sadhana Health we have very strict guidelines on illness. If you are sick, even with just a “case of the sniffles”, we must decline treatment to you or anyone else who arrives to their appointment sick. Arriving to a session sick will be treated as a “no-show”. If you disclose symptoms or they become apparent during your appointment, you will be provided with a mask if you are not wearing one. This policy is in place to protect at-risk patients as well as our staff. If you have symptoms of illness or a fever and are unsure if you should keep your appointment, please call our office ahead of time so that our staff can let you know what to do.



To view the Sadhana Health cancellation policy in its entirety please click here>>