Our Vintage Anatomical Prints

July 10, 2023

Artist: Max Brödel, 1870-1941

Want to know more about these beautiful vintage prints in our waiting room?

Drawn by German medical illustrator Max Brödel in 1918, these 5ft tall prints were sold at an estate sale many years ago and then sat in a garage for many more years. They were then generously donated to Sadhana Health in 2020.

Max Brödel studied painting and drawing at the Leipzig Academy of Fine Art. His first commissioned work at age 18 was drawing part of the human brain for Carl Ludwig, the famous German physician and physiologist. He was hired by John Hopkins Hospital in 1894 as a medical illustrator. Along with two additional medical illustrators, Brödel played an integral role in the creation of Johns Hopkins extensive catalog of gross anatomical and histological diagrams. He died in 1941 of pancreatic cancer.

You can find most of Max Brödel’s illustrations in Baltimore, MD at Johns Hopkins Hospital in their archives.